The Aquatic Resources and
Blue Economy Conference (ARBEC), will be held in Kisumu, 
Kenya, in November 2022 

Important conference dates

15th August, 2022 - Abstract submission

28th Nov - 1st Dec 2022 - Conference date

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Kenya Aquatica

KCSAP Project

                                                 KMFRI Kisumu Research Centre

Kisumu Research Centre is situated to the West of Kisumu town on the Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria at an altitude of 1190m a.s.l. The Centre was established as one of the centres for the East Africa Freshwater Research Organization prior to its breakup in 1977 and assumed its role in 1979 as a result of an enactment of the Science and technology act (Amendment) Act, and was charged with the responsibility of conducting research and making management recommendations essential for the national exploitation marine and fresh water resources.

The catchment area of Lake Victoria in Kenya covers an area of about 46,000 km² with a population estimated at 5 million. Kisumu Research Centre is situated at the shores of lake Victoria, the world second largest fresh water lake. The Centre undertakes a broader spectrum of research activities ranging from fisheries, environment, aquaculture, ecology and socio-economics run as programs. It co-ordinates research work in various main freshwater bodies, rivers and small water bodies. 


Toxic cyanobacteria study undertaken in KMFRI Kisumu: a) Local cattle drinking from cyanobacterial bloom at Asat Beach in Nov 2015; b) People washing clothes and dishes at Ogal Beach from Nov 2015; c) Microcystin (cyanotoxin) levels in source water for drinking, washing, and bathing at various community beaches with Asat, Kianja and Ogal Beaches having levels well above the WHO guideline of 1 μg/L


Main activities



RV Uvumbuzi

R.V Uvumbuzi is a modern and best equipped vessel for aquatic research and it is expected to help the fisheries and limnologist scientists in KMFRI to explore the frontiers of science in Lake Victoria. It is also equipped to carry out research in hydro-acoustics and trawling. The research undertaken using this vessel will strengthen the collaborative work already going on within the East African Community.


Some of Current Projects:


Some of Main Collaborators:

Researchers in Kisumu Centre

  • Mr.Caleb Ayub Ogwai - Parastologist
  • Mr. Casianes Olilo - Environmental scientist (Head of researchers and internal seminars)
  • Mr. Chrisphine Nyamweya -  Fisheries and modelling (Head of project proposal writing in freshwater systems).
  • Mr. Collins Ongore - Environmental Scientist
  • Mr. Fredrick Jared Guya - Researches on climate change and associated impacts.
  • Mr. George Morara Basweti - Water quality and biodiversity.
  • Mrs. Hilda Nyaboke Mogaka - Fisheries scientist (Head of outreach programs)
  • Mr. Jared Babu Miruka - Environment and ecosystems
  • Mr. John K. Okechi- Aquaculture production socio-economics and marketing
  • Mr. Joseph Nyaundi - Limnology
  • Mr. Peter Wawiye - Phyto-plankton/benthos ecology
  • Mr. Reuben Omweng - Socio- Economist fresh water systems 
  • Mr. Veronica O. Ombwa - Aquaculture and food technology
  • Mrs.Monica Owili - Internal seminar coordinator

Center Director/Assistant Director
Dr. Christopher Aura (PhD)
Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
Kisumu Research Centre
P.O. Box 1881-40100
Telephone +254 (0) 770567443
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kisumu, KENYA