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Al Mubarak Athman Abubakar

Al Mubarak Athman Abubakar

Athman has been working on various marine research projects with over 6 years of research experience. He experience broadly focuses on stock assessment, catch assessment survey and small-scale tuna fishery. He previously worked as a team leader at SGS (Société Genérallé dé Survlliance) Kenya Limited, in oil and gas department.

KMFRI Mombasa Research Centre
biology of tuna fishery and stock assessments
Fish stock dynamics and assessments

Msc. In Fisheries (underway) 
Bsc. Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences


  • Athman, A., Mueni, 2. Mik5, O. Kiprono, 2. Wellington, 2. Mzingirwa, 1, Waweru, G., Manyala, J., Gonda, J. (2014). Kenya lobster fishery stock assessment.  KCDP Project. KMFRI, Mombasa (KMFRI Research Report No. OCS/ FIS/FY /13-14/01)