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Charles Kosore Mitto

Charles Kosore Mitto

Charles Mitto Kosore works in the directorate of ocean and coastal systems (OCS). He currently studies Land-Based Anthropogenic Activities and their Influence on Microplastics and Heavy Metals Pollution in Kenya’s Marine and Coastal Environments. Kosore has been awarded a grant by the Committee for Research and Exploration of the National Geographic Society as the principal investigator in the study of Marine Plastic pollution in Kenya’s Marine Environment: Assessing the Impact of Plastic Bags Ban. He has published five peer reviewed journals.

Research networks: ResearchGate

KMFRI Mombasa Research Centre
Oceanography and Hydrography
Environmental analytical chemistry
Marine pollution and biogeochemistry, with special emphasis on microplastics, heavy metals and nutrients dynamics.

Phd student, 
Master of Science in Quality in Analytical Chemistry, 
Higher Diploma Analytical Chemistry, 

  • C Kosore, L Ojwang, J Maghanga, J Kamau, A Kimeli, J Omukoto, N Ngisiag’e, J Mwaluma1, H Ong’ada, C Magori and E Ndirui. (2018). Occurrence and Ingestion of Microplastics by Zooplankton in Kenya’s Marine Environment: First Documented Evidence, African Journal of Marine Science, 10.2989/1814232X.40(3):225-234 · July 2018
  • M. Kosore, M.D. Galindo-Riano and M. D?´az-de-Alba., Assessing trace-element mobility in Algeciras Bay (Spain) sediments by acid and complexing screening. Arabian Journal of Chemistry (2015),
  • Joseph Kamau, Jane Catherine Ngila, Bernard Kirui, Stephen Mwangi, Charles Mitto Kosore, Veronica Wanjeri and Sturky Okumu, (2015). Spatial variability of the rate of organic carbon mineralization I a sewage impacted forest, Mikindani, Kenya, Soils Sediments, 15:2466–2475.
  • Wanjeri, V.O, Okuku, E.O, Ohowa, B.O, Kosore, M.C. and Ongore, C.O., (2013). An insight into ecotoxicological significance of PAHs contamination in selected Kenyan estuaries, Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources, Vol. 2 (5), pp. 157 – 166.
  • M. Díaz-de Alba, M.D. Galindo-Riaño, M.J. Casanueva-Marenco, M. García-Vargas, C.M. Kosore, (2011). Assessment of the metal pollution, potential toxicity and speciation of sediment from Algeciras Bay (South of Spain) using chemometric tools, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 190, 177–187.