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Collins Ongore

Collins Ongore

Collins Ongore has been involved in fisheries and aquatic research and conservation work over the last two decades in areas of ecological monitoring of the aquatic environment and ecosystem health assessment, biogeochemical dynamics, organic and heavy metal macrocontaminants and general aquatic ecotoxicology, remote sensing applications in resource monitoring in areas of hydroacoustics and satelite water surface physical characterisation. Currently he coordinates the satelite/ GIS based monitoring of spatio-temporal trends of water hyacinth in Lake Victoria, Kenya.

His academic background features trainings for M.Sc (Environmental Studies (Health), University of Eldoret and BSc. (Fisheries) of Moi University and the current prospects for PhD. Biology at the St. Andrews University, Scotland, UK (January 2020). Proposed PhD title: Interannual variability in abundance of key fish and pelagic crustacean species in Lake Victoria ‘natural laboratory’: from ecosystem understanding to fisheries management.

He has also undergone a number of short professional trainings including various research capacity building activities at the Nottingham University and the British Geological Survey, UK (July 2019), the Hydro-acoustic regional training course held at the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI) in Jinja Uganda, February 2018; Regional Training Seminar on Satellite Based Water Quality Monitoring for Lakes (Victoria / Malawi) May, 2015 at RCMRD Nairobi.; Seminar on Tropical Marine Industry Development for Developing Countries, June-July, 2015, at the Serengeti Hotel, Haikou, China,Organized by Hainan University and Training course on heavy metals analytical techniques for lake sediments and fish samples, held at Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Studies, Nagasaki University, Japan, July - August 2015, among others.

His participation in international seminars and conferences  include the recent Great Lakes of the World Conference (GLOW9) held in Kisumu, Kenya (August 2019) by KMFRI and AEHMS, the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health seminar held at the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (July 2019) and the International Blue Economy Conference Nairobi Kenya (May 2018).

Being a registered Environmental Impact Assessment/ Environmental Audit (EIA/EA) NEMA Lead Expert No. 8476 and a registered member of Environmental Institute of Kenya (EIK), he is a licensed practitioner with vast experience in ESIA/EIA/EA. He is a member of the Lake Victoria Regional Hydro-acoustics Working Group leading the studies on limnological influence on fish stocks.

He has also been involved in a number of research and conservation projects including Lake Victoria Environmental Program (Phase II) and National Science Foundation of Science, National Research Fund, the GCRF interdisciplinary research project; “Sustainable aquaculture, safe and nutritious source of protein and healthy Lake Victoria communities free from hunger and poverty” between Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Nottingham University, British Geological Survey and University of Eldoret.

He has published a number of papers and book chapters in SCI-indexed journals of aquatic sciences research.

Away from science, Collins is a qualified/certified football referee under FKF and KEFORA.

KMFRI Kisumu
Freshwater Systems Research
Fisheries and Environmental Sciences
Aquatic ecotoxicology, Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmental & Aquatic Sciences, Limnology, Fisheries and Hydro-acoustics, Data Analysis

M.Sc (Environmental Studies (Health) and 
Registered by NEMA as an Environmental Impact Assessment/ Environmental Audit (EIA/EA) 
Lead Expert, Certificate Number 3073, Registered member of Environmental Institute of Kenya (EIK)

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