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Dr. Domitila Kyule-Muendo

Dr. Domitila Kyule-Muendo

Dr. Domitila Kyule-Muendo has a vast knowledge and experience in fish and fish products development and their safety. She has published 3 books and over 15 papers in peer reviewed journals and has innovated thirteen fish products and an improved fish smoking kiln that have been adopted, validated and upscaled by fish traders across the country. She has also successfully collaborated with various institutions in aquaculture and in food safety/phytosanitary requirements in fish processing research managed by international and regional organizations such as UNIDO, AAK-Kenya, AFIPEK, ASARECA, KAPAP, CSAP projects implementation with funds from European Union (EU) and World Bank. Dr Kyule-Muendo is currently the Centre Director, KMFRI, Sagana and is involved in coordinating research activities at the centre and a facilitator in aspects of post harvest technologies, value addition and fish safety and general aspects of aquaculture. She sits in Technical & Vocational Education & training (TVET) Curriculum development committee on occupational standards for aquaculture Technicians, Kenya. She is also a liaison officer and technical committee member on county engagements and collaborations.

Research Network: Research Gate

KMFRI Sagana Aquaculture Research Centre
Fish safety and standards, Value addition and post harvest technologies in fish, Fish health management in aquaculture
Innovative research on fish product development/ value addition, safety of fish and fish products, development of policy briefs on aquaculture related issues for instance Fish breeding, nutrition, culture systems, value addition and post-harvest, fish safety among others so as to offer policy direction on the development of a sustainable Aquaculture Industry

2014 to 2019: PhD Microbiology, Kenyatta University, Kenya

2007-2009:  MSc in Limnology and Wetland ecosystems, UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands

1999-2003: Nairobi University BSC (Botany and zoology) Second class honors upper division

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  • Domitila Kyule-Muendo, Jonathan M. Munguti, Mary A. Opiyo, Kevin O. Obiero, Cecilia M. Githukia, Paul S. Orina, James M. Njiru and Harrison Charo-Karisa (2017) Fish Recipe Book, Vol. 1, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI),   Kenya Literature Bureau, Nairobi, Kenya. 45pp
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  • Obiero K., Domitila Kyule et al 2017 State of Aquaculture in Kenya.



  • Member of Eastern Africa Water Association (EAWA)
  • Member of Aquaculture Association of Kenya (AAK)
  • Member of Sustainable Aquaculture Research Networks in Sub Saharan Africa (SARNISSA)
  • Member of Kenyatta University, Alumni
  • Member of Agricultural Show of Kenya (ASK)



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