Amon Kimeli


• Geologist (Sedimentologist)

• Hydrographer

• Ocean Mapping/Bathymetry

• GIS and Remote sensing expert
• Member Geological Society of Kenya (GSK).

• Member Kenya National Hydrographic and Oceanographic Committee (KNHOC).

• Associate member of WIOMSA

• Alumni of the General Bathymetry Chart of the Oceans Training Program
• 2014-2015 Post Graduate Certificate in Ocean Mapping and Category A Hydrography Certification. University of New Hampshire.

• 2011-2013 Master of Science degree in Master of Science in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (Oceans & Lakes). Vrije Universiteit Brussels Dissertation title: Sedimentation in response to sea level rise in the mangroves of Mwache Creek, Mombasa-Kenya: a field and modeling study.

• 2004-2008 Bachelor of Science in Geology (Minor in Mathematics & Chemistry). The University of Nairobi.
• Ocean Mapping (sea floor mapping) aboard RV Mtafiti. I have experience in working with some acoustic systems including MBES (Kongsberg EM2040, EM122), SBES (Knudsen 320B) and sidescan sonar (Klein3900).

• Carrying out research on the sediment dynamics along the Kenyan coast and determining the biophysical conditions that control sediment deposition & accretion and their possible effects on critical habitats including mangroves, sea grasses and coral reefs.

• Generating shallow water bathymetry by processing satellite imagery (remote sensing).

• Management of tidal data from the Mombasa and Lamu Tide gauges. The tide gauges are part of the Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS) network and the Tsunami early warning system and the data relayed in real time to the University of Hawaii Sea Level Centre.

• GIS applications and modelling of sea level rise and comparing results with global rates including the projections by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

• Supervision of undergraduate students undertaking their attachments.
• E.K. Mbaru, E.N. Kimani, L.M. Otwoma, A.Kimeli and T.K. Mkare: Abundance, Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor in Selected Reef Fishes of the Kenyan Marine Artisanal Fishery. Advance Journal of Food Science & Technology, 2011 (Vol. 3 Issue: 1)
Category A Hydrography Certification awarded by the International Federation of Surveyors/International Hydrographic Organization/International Cartographic Association (FIG/IHO/ICA) Advisory Board.

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Amon Kimeli
Oceanography and Hydrography
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