Boaz Ohowa


• Research on biogeochemistry of Coastal Systems (Pollution and Environmental Chemistry).
• Research on Nutrient Fluxes and Dynamics in Coastal Systems.
• Undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A.) and Environmental Audit (E.A.) activities (Registered Lead Expert, Reg. No. 1222).
• Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment.
• B.Sc. (Chemistry), University of Nairobi;
• M.Sc. (Chemistry), University of Nairobi;
• MMM (Master of Marine Management), Dalhousie University, Canada
• Nutrient Fluxes and Dynamics in Coastal Systems
• Biogeochemistry of Coastal Systems (Pollution and Environmental Chemistry)
• Natural Products Research (Extraction, Characterization and Utilization of Bioactive Compounds from Aquatic/Terrestrial Resources)
• Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment
• Supervision of research projects for Bachelors students

• Grants obtained
1990: Awarded a research grant by the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) for a project titled ‘Seasonal variations of the nutrient fluxes inti the Indian Ocean from the Sabaki river, Kenya.’ – Findings published in the journal ‘Discovery and Innovation.’
1997: Awarded a WIOMSA MARG I grant for a project titled ‘Environmental factors affecting Nitrogen Fixing Activity in Tropical Mangrove Sediments’, carried out at Gazi bay, South coast.
• Ohowa, B. O. 1996. Seasonal variations of the nutrient fluxes into the Indian Ocean from the Sabaki river, Kenya. Discovery and Innovation, 8(3): 265-274.
• Ohowa, B. O., Mwashote, B. M., and Shimbira, W. S. 1997. Dissolved inorganic nutrient fluxes from two seasonal rivers into Gazi bay, Kenya. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 45: 189-195.
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• Woitchik, A. F., Ohowa, B. O., Kazungu, J. M., Goeyens, L., and Dehairs, F. 1997. Nitrogen enrichment during decomposition of mangrove leaf litter in an East African Coastal Lagoon (Kenya): Relative importance of biological nitrogen fixation. Biogeochemistry, 39: 15-35.
• Middelburg, J. J., Nieuwenhuize, J., Slim, F. J., and Ohowa, B. 1996. Sediment biogeochemistry in an East African Mangrove forest (Gazi bay, Kenya). Biogeochemistry, 34: 133-146.
• Kitheka, J. U., Mwashote, B. M., Ohowa, B. O., and Kamau, J. 1999. Water circulation, ground water outflow and nutrient dynamics in Mida creek, Kenya. Mangroves and Salt Marshes, 3: 135-146.
• Boga, H. I., Ohowa, B. O., W. E. Mwatha, and F. M. Muthuri. 2003. Nitrogen fixing activities in the mangrove swamp at Gazi bay, Kenya. East African Journal of Science, 4(2): 65-74.
• Mwashote, B. M., Ohowa, B. O., and Wawiye, P. O. 2005. Spatial and temporal distribution of dissolved inorganic nutrients and phytoplankton in Mida creek, Kenya. Wetlands Ecology and Management, 13: 599-614.
• MacDougall, L. A., McCall, R., Douglas, K. A., Cheney, T. A., Oetelaar, M., Squires, K., Alvarez Saules, C. V., Alidina, H., Nagtegaal-Cinningham, E., WeselohMcKeane, S. C., Araula, J. J. Y., Md.Hamayun,N., Lawson, S., Chiasson, N. C., Diaz, G. C., Choy, T. A., Ankamah, K. E., Ohowa, B. O., Toribo, A. T., del Toro, J. J., Fournier, R. O., and Taggat, C. T. 2006. Marine Invasive Species in North America: Impacts, Pathways and Management. Ocean Yearbook. 20: 435-469.
• Ohowa, B. O. 2009. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the regulatory regime in the management of oil pollution in Kenya. Ocean and Coastal Management, 52(1): 17-21.
• Special commendations
I have been accorded a special commendation from Technical University of Mombasa (TUM), where I lecture on part-time basis, for exemplary work done on empowering the student fraternity. [Following Student-Lecturer evaluation]

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