Charles Muthama


• Research proposal writing.
• Writing research reports.
• Field research data collection including scuba diving.
• Publication of research work.
• Attending relevant seminars, symposiums and workshops
• Guiding attachment and internship students.
• Participating in annual marine resource management and conservation events e.g. World Ocean Day and World Fisheries Day.
• Member of Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)
• Member of Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation Committee (KESCOM)
• MSc. In Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (Fisheries Management option) from UoE – Continuing since Sept. 2014.
• BSc. Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences – UoE (2nd Class) 2012.
• Diploma in Applied Biology – TUM (Previously Mombasa Polytechnic)
I have been involved in Seagrass research in which I was able to do:
• Seagrass ecosystem fragmentation documentation and assessment of natural recovery of degraded beds.
• Seagrass Ecosystem Biodiversity (under KCDP)
• Seagrass Ecosystem restoration of degraded beds
• Guiding students on proposal writing and reporting in seagrass
• Seagrass monitoring for seagrassNet (a worldwide network)
I have also worked previously with marine environmental research including:
• Anthropogenic influence on lagoonal water quality of Nyali (Belgium – Kenya collaboration).
• Resource use conflict in Mangrove harvesting in South Coast of Kenya
• Evaluation of the use of Mangroves in sewage waste degradation in Mikindani area.
Participation in groups:
• Chairman of Fisheries Association Group in UoE while in BSc studies.
• Member of KMFRI Seagrass research team.
• Chairman of organizing committee for World Ocean Day in 2013.
• Involved in providing instruction on swimming and water safety skills in any willing KMFRI staff and interns.
• Muthama C.M. 2012. A comparison of benthic invertebrate community structure of fragmented and continuous seagrass beds in coastal Kenya. Dissertation, BSc. Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (Moi Uni). 38pp.
• Muthama C.M. and J.N. Uku, 2003. Macrofaunal assemblages of littoral seagrass communities. Jan Hoorweg & Nyawira Muthiga(Eds.). Recent Advances in Coastal Ecology. African Studies Centre Research Report 70:51-63.
• Uku, J., Ndirangu, S., Muthama, C. and Kimathi, A. 2005. An evaluation of the effect of sea urchin herbivory in the Diani- Chale lagoon. Preliminary report No 1. A KMFRI/CORDIO collaborative project report. 8pp.
• Uku, J., Ndirangu, S., Muthama, C., Kimathi, A. and Kilonzi, J. 2007. An evaluation of the effect of sea urchin herbivory in the Diani-Chale lagoon: recovery potential of the seagrass habitat. Preliminary Report II. A KMFRI/CORDIO collaborative project report. 13 pp.
• Daudi, L., Victor A. M., and Muthama, C.M., (2014). Seagrass Restoration Technical Protocol. Report Submitted to KCDP in preparation for seagrass restoration along the Kenyan Coast. 10pp.
• Daudi, L, Victor A. M., and Muthama C.M., (2014). Strategy on Restoration of Degraded Seagrass Ecosystems along the Kenyan Coast. Rpt to be used in Implementation of Seagrass Restoration by KCDP. 13pp.
• Ochiewo J., Maricela de la Torre-Castro, C. Muthama, F. Munyi and J. M., Nthuta. 2010. Socio-economic features of sea cucumber fisheries in southern coast of Kenya. Ocean and Coastal Management. ELSEVIER. 53. 192 – 202.

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