Chepkemboi Labatt


Research Officer in the Oceanography and Hydrography Department under the Ocean and Coastal Division. My research targets elucidating the marine environment and ecology in order to support the Fisheries and Aquaculture sectors at the coast.
My duties include:
• Collection, analysis and interpretation of physical, chemical and biological oceanographic parameters in the marine and coastal waters
• Training and mentorship for attachés and interns
• Project proposal writing
• Western Indian Ocean Marine Sciences Association (WIOMSA)
• Eastern Africa Water Association (EAWA)
• Friends of the Lembus Forest (FLF)
• MSc Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (Oceans and Lakes 2016)
• Msc Limnology (On-going)
• BSc Applied Aquatic Sciences (2006)
• International Post-Graduate Training in Tropical Limnology (IPGL)
• Limnology and Wetland ecosystems programme (LWE)
• Sediment macrobenthos of marine and freshwater
• Marine phytoplankton and trend analysis
• Supervision of university students
• Maters Thesis “Determination of the Ecological Integrity of the Nyangores River, Kenya”- Egerton University, Kenya (In progress)
• Maters Thesis “Long-term phytoplankton trends in the Belgian North Sea (2002-2015): patterns and potential causes ” - Gent University, Belgium
• VLIR-UOS Scholar (2014-2016)
• Mara GLOWS Scholars Program (USAID) (2011-2012)
• LWE Scholar (2011)
Conversant with R packages: mgcv, gamm4, and Lattice

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Chepkemboi Labatt
Oceanography and Hydrography


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