Domitila Kyule


• Lead scientist in fish post harvest technologies and value addition in aquaculture
• Identification, implementation, supervision and coordination of research activities of the research program
• Sourcing and development of relevant research proposals for funding under the research program
• Organizing and conducting in research in product development and safety
• Compilation of quarterly and annual work plans, reports and budgets of the program
• Offering training and information dissemination to fish farmers, traders and consumers
• Marketing diversified value added products and technologies to both local and international markets
• Alumni Nairobi university
• Member of East African Austrian Water Association (EAAWA)
• Msc. Limnology and wetland ecosystems, Netherlands.
I am a research scientist with Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute based in Sagana, Kirinyaga County. I hold an MSc in Limnology and Wetland Ecosystems from Unesco-Ihe Netherlands and a degree in botany and zoology (Specialized in Microbiology) from University of Nairobi, Kenya. Currently, am pursuing a PhD in Microbiology at Kenyatta University, Kenya. I have enormous experience in research, coordination and training activities in the aquaculture sector. I have published and innovated in my area of specialization. I supervise students on attachment. I am a member of scientific body, East African Austrian Water Association (EAAWA). I am currently in charge of the Natural products and post-harvest technology programme, Sagana station, in aquaculture. Am charged with the duty of carrying out research in the aquaculture bio-products field. The main research area is product development from aquaculture resources. Currently, I am spearheading fish product development and post harvest control methodologies to county governments initiated by donor projects, Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa ASARECA and Kenya agricultural productivity and agribusiness project KAPAP projects. In post harvest control, improved fish processing methods by smoking and sun drying have been introduced. I have successfully developed and piloted some fish products including fish sausages, samosas, fingers, balls, among others. I have a good understanding in the field of water quality and microbiology applicable in food industry. I have a vast knowledge in most computer software.
• D N Kyule, E Yongo, M A Opiyo, K Obiero, J M Munguti and H Charo-Karisa. Fish product development and market trials of fish and fish products in Kenya: a case study of Kirinyaga and Meru Counties. Livestock Research for Rural Development 26 (6) 2014.
• Jonathan Mbonge Munguti, Safina Musa, Paul S. Orina, Domitila Kyule, Mary A. Opiyo, Harrison Charo-Karisa and Erick Ochieng Ogello. An overview of current status of Kenyan fish feed industry and feed management practices, challenges and opportunities IJFAS 2014; 1(6): 128-137.
• Kevin Obiero, Ernest Yongo, Domitila Kyule, Cecilia Githukia, Mary A. Opiyo, Harrison Charo-Karisa and Jonathan Munguti. Consumer Preference of Tilapia and Catfish for Strategic Market Development: A Case Study of Kirinyaga and Vihiga. International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2014; 1(5): 67-76.
• Yongo, E. Opiyo, M. A., Munguti J.M., Kyule, D., Orina, P.S, Obiero, K., and Charo-Karisa. H. (2013). Mobilizing the aquaculture sector for economic and sustainable growth: Case study of Vihiga, Kirinyaga and Kilifi Counties in the republic of Kenya. Online.
• Domitila N K, Harrisson C, David M and M A Opiyo 2013. Value addition technologies and fish product recipes booklet prepared under Strengthening Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa (ASARECA) through the project; building public-private sector partnership to enhance productivity and competitiveness of Aquaculture-Grant No. RC10 LFP-02.

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