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Remote Sensing and GIS, Modeling & Projections, Environmental & Aquatic Sciences, Advanced Oceanography & Limnology, Climate Change Scenarios, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Socio-economics, Sustainability Sciences, Aquatic Ecology, Data Analysis, Scientific/Art Writing & Reporting.
• Membership in Environmental Leaders Sustainability Alumni; IFS Alumni Association of Kenya; IOC-Africa Ocean Experts (ODINAFRICA); Japan Society of Fisheries Science (JSFS); Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA); Kenya-Japan Alumni Association (KEJAA)

• Reviewer in Ocean & Coastal Management; Remote Sensing of the Environment; Physical Oceanography; Aquaculture; Aquaculture Research; Ecological Modelling; Aquacultural Engineering; Journal of Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management; African Journal of Ecology; International Journal of Marine Science.

• Part-time lecturer in Kenyatta University, Kenya.
• PhD in Bio-resource and Environmental Science from Hokkaido University, Japan.

• Three international diplomas in (i) International Environmental Leadership, (ii) Inter-departmental graduate studies in Sustainability Sciences, and (iii) Sustainability Science Consortium.

• Certified as an Environmental and Sustainability Leader.

• Trained and Certified as Graduate student Lecturer and scientist, Under Hokkaido University (Japan) and University of California Berkely (USA) collaboration in 2013.
• About 50 international peer-reviewed journal publications, book and book chapters, and conference proceedings.

• IFS funded project: Development of a Preliminary Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity for Bioassessment of River Tana Urbanized and Forestry Ecosystem, Coastal Kenya

• Regional and National Coordinator of Marine Invasive Species in the Port area of South and East African countries for 2016 onwards.

• Consultant (2010-2011) of NEMA Climate change-Methane Project from a coastal wetland.

• GIS remote sensing modelling of Saccostrea spp. sites. Discovery of new Saccostrea spp. based on DNA sequences and morphological characteristics of Mangrove and rock oysters from coastal Kenya. Funded by Research Institute of Marine Invertebrate, Japan as grant-in-aid. Award of patent of new Saccostrea species in Coastal Kenya under progress.

• Proposal writing for RV Mtafiti training on cruise planning, oceanographic sampling, fisheries and information and data management. Approved and implemented in April-May 2016.

• Three Master of Science students under supervision-ongoing.

• Involved in KCDP fisheries and community development fund (Kiswahili, Hazina ya Maendeleo ya Pwani) in records writing, presentation, analysis and publication.

• Hakodate, Japan Marine Bio-cluster Project for mapping and modeling of Japanese scallop site selection criteria using Remote Sensing and GIS tools.

• Lake Victoria Environment Management Program (LVEMP) as part of the team involved in data analysis, report writing and publications
• Aura, C.M., Hassan, F., Osore, M.K., Musa, S., Morara, G., Uku, J., (2016). A comprehensive public-private partnership concept for resources sustainability from a mega-project management multi-level perspective. International Journal of Management and Sustainability 4(11) : 218-236. doi: 10.18488/journal.11/2015.4.11/

• Aura, C. M., Saitoh, S-I., Liu, Y., Hirawake, T., Baba, K. and Yoshida, T. (2016). Implications of marine environment change on Japanese scallop (Mizuhopecten yessoensis) aquaculture suitability: comparative study in Funka and Mutsu Bays, Japan. Aquaculture Research 47:2164-2182. doi:10.1111/are.12670.2015.

• Fondo, E.N., Kimani, E.N., Munga, C.N., Aura, M.C., Okemwa, G., Agembe, S. (2015). A Review on Kenyan Fisheries Research: 1970-2009. Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science 13(2):143 – 162.

• Aura, M. C., Musa, S., Njiru, J., Ogello, E. O. & Kundu, R. (2013). Fish-Restocking of Lakes in Kenya: Should solemnly be an Environmental Issue, 39-60pp. In: Adoyo, W. A. & Wangai, C. I. African Political, Social and Economic Issues: Kenya Political, Social and Environmental Issues. NOVA Science Publishers, Inc. NewYork. USA. ISBN: 978-1-62081-085-9.

• Aura, M. C., Musa, S., Ogello, E. O., Otwoma, L. M., Wainaina, M. & Kundu, R. (2011). Methane Emissions from Swampy and Riverine Coastal Wetlands: Influence of Open and Macrophyte Infested Areas. Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management, 16(4): 265-272.

• Musa, S., Gichuki, J., Raburu, O.P. & Aura, C.M. (2011). Risk Assessment for Organochlorines and Organophosphates Pesticide Residue in Water and Sediments from Lower Nyando/Sondu-Miriu River within Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya. Lakes and Reservoirs: Research & Management, 16(4): 273-280.

• Aura, M. C., Munga, C. N., Kimani, E. N., Manyala, J. O. and Musa, S. (2011). Length-Weight Relationships for Nine Deep Sea Species off the Kenyan Coast. PanAmerican Journal of Aquatic Sciences 6(2): 188-192.

• Aura, M. C., Raburu, P. O. Herrmann, J. (2010). A Preliminary Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity for Bioassessment of the Kipkaren and Sosiani Rivers, Nzoia River Basin, Kenya. Journal of Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management, 15:119-128.

• Kundu, R., Aura, M. C., Muchiri, M., Njiru, M. & Ojuok, J. E. (2010). Difficulties of Fishing at Lake Naivasha, Kenya: Is community participation in management the solution? Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management, 15:15-23.

• Raburu, P.O, Masese, F.O. and Aura, M.C. (2009). Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity (M-IBI) for monitoring rivers in the upper catchment of Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya. Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management, 12 (2):197-205
• African Union-World Academy of Sciences Award (AU-TWAS) as best Young Scientist (below 40 years) in Life and Earth Sciences in 2012.

• A Pioneer from East Africa to be awarded an African Journal of Ecology Scholarship for postgraduate students in the region for Master of Science Degree studies and research.

• Innovated a method for methane measurement as a consultant (2010-2011) of NEMA Climate change-Methane Project from a coastal wetland.

• Secured a First Class Honours Degree in Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya. August 2001 – December 2005.
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