Edward Kimani


• Member: West Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)

• Member: East African Wildlife Society (EAWS)

• Member: Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation Association. (KESCOM)

• Member: Network of Tropical Fisheries Society (NTFS)
• University of Nairobi, Kenya 2000-2004 : PhD (Zoology)

• University of Ryukus, Japan 1994-1996 : MSc (Marine Science)

• University of Nairobi, Kenya 1986-1989 : Bsc Honours (Zoology/Botany)
• 2008 to date: Member of the Kenya Prawn Fishery Management Plan development committee. Responsible for providing technical advice on the Kenya prawn fishery management.

• 2008 to date: South West Indian Ocean Project (SWOIFP) Crustacean Fishery National Component Coordinator. Responsible for the coordination of stock assessment of crustacean within SWIOFP regional project funded by World Bank.

• 2005 to 2010: Coordinator of Natural Geography of In Shore Areas Natural (NaGISA)- Indian Ocean Region. A field Project of Census Marine Life (CoML) - Project funded by Sloan Foundation (USA). Responsible for awareness, net working, proposal writing and fund raising, planning and managing all research activities, liaison and reporting to the NaGISA headquarter in University of Fairbanks (USA). Also a member of the NaGISA Scientific Committee.

• 2005-to date: Exploitation of coral reef fishes for the marine aquarium trade in Kenya. Project funded by WIOMSA marine research grant (Co-investigator).

• 2002-2004: Ecological economics of mangrove associated fisheries-food security and sustainability. Funded by a Marine Science for Management (MASMA) project of the West Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA). Principal investigator for the fishery component of the project, responsible for planning sampling, laboratory work, data analysis and reporting.

• 2003-2004: Seed collection and culture of pearl oysters in Kenya. Funded by the International Fund for Science (IFS), Sweden. (Principal investigator).

• 2001-2002: East African mangroves as nursery for commercially important fish project. Funded by the Natural Environment Council (Britain). (Principal investigator).

• 2001-2002: Ungwana bay fishery and environment assessment project. Funded by FAO and GoK through KMFRI. My responsibilities included planning the fish sampling on the prawn trawlers, fish taxonomy and data collection, analysis and reporting.

• 2000-2004: The population biology of pearl oysters in Kenya. VLIR-IUC-UoN funded PhD. Project. (Principal Investigator).

• 1997-1998: KWS/KEMFRI project on the fisheries, population dynamics and stock enhancement of the black-lip pearl oyster, Pictada margaritifera Linnaeus 1758 (Pteriidae, Bivalvia) in Kenya. (Principal Investigator).

• 1995-1996: A comparative study of the geographical distribution, embryology and juvenile growth and stock enhancement of the Indo-Pacific commercial gastropods. (Principal Investigator). MSc. Thesis research project.

• 1990-1992: Kenya Belgium project on the dynamics and assessment of tropical mangrove ecosystem, Gazi, Kenya (Team leader: fish ecology component)
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• Kimani E. N. 1995. Coral Reef Resources of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania and the Seychelles. Naga, The ICLARM Quarterly: 4-7.

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