James Mwandawiro
James Mwandawiro Mwaluma


• Community based mariculture (project sub-component leader of Aquaculture in World bank KCDP project).
• Fish larvae ecology and systematics
• Zooplankton ecology and systematics,
• Environmental Impact Assessments
• Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)
• African Regional Working Group for FISH-BOL-Collaborator
• PhD (Ecology) –Fish taxonomy and larval ecology in Kenyan coastal waters
• MSc (Hydrobiology)- Zooplankton distribution in nearshore and offshore waters in Kenya
• BSc (Botany, Zoology and Chemistry)
• Conduct research investigations in the field of fish larvae ecology, recruitment and taxonomy in Kenyan coastal waters.
• Zooplankton bio-diversity, distribution and abundance in Kenyan coastal and offshore waters.
• Light trap development and deployment for fish larvae investigations
• Fish larvae taxonomy in Kenyan coastal waters.
• Community based finfish /shellfish culture-development of different techniques
• Messana G., Bartolucci V., Mwaluma J., Osore M., (1993). Preliminary observations on parental care in Sphaeroma Cf. terebrans Bate, 1866 (Isopoda, Sphaeromatidae) a mangrove wood borer from Kenya. Ethol. Ecol. Evol. Spec. Issue 3: 125 - 129 pp.
• Kitheka J.U; B.O. Ohowa, B.M. Mwashote, W.S. Shimbira, J.M. Mwaluma and J.M. Kazungu, (1996). Water Circulation dynamics, water column nutrients and plankton productivity in a well Flushed Bay in Kenya, Netherlands Journal of Sea Research, Vol. 35 (4): 257 -268 pp.
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• Mwiruti A.N. Kaunda-Arara B. and Mwaluma J. (2008) The Feeding Ecology of the Commersonn Anchovy, Stolephorus Commersonnii (Engraulidae: Lacepede,1803), From Coastal Kenya. Proceedings of 4th Annual International Conference, Moi University July 29 — Aug 1, 2008 : Section VI: Fisheries and Water Resources
o 387-393.
• Kaunda-Arara, B., Mwaluma J.M, Gamoe, L.M., Oresland, V., and Osore, M. (2009) Temporal variability in fish supply to Malindi Marine Park, coastal Kenya. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and freshwater ecosystems 19: S10-S18.
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• Mwaluma J.M, B. Kaunda-Arara and J. Rasowo (2010) Alongshore distribution and abundance of fish larvae off the coast of Kenya. African Journal of Marine Science. DOI: 10 2989/1814232x.2010.538154
• Mwaluma, J.M, B Kaunda-Arara, J. Rasowo, M.K Osore and V. Oresland (2011) Seasonality in fish larval assemblage structure within marine reef National Parks in coastal Kenya. Environ Biol Fish 90: 393-404.
• Restricted dispersal of the reef fish Myripristis berndti at the scale of the SW Indian Ocean (2011) D. Muths, Tessier E, Gouws C., Craig M., Mwale M., Mwaluma J., Mwandya A., and Bourjea J. MEPS Vol 443: 167-180
• Ofer Gon, Gavin Gouws, Mwaluma J and Monica Mwale (2013). Re-description of two species of the cardinalfish genus Archamia (Teleostei:Apogonidae) from the red sea and Western Indian Ocean. Zootaxa 7: 587-594

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