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He is currently the Coordinator of the International Nile Perch Research Centre (INPRC) based within the Lake Victoria Basin. He is has been the National Project Coordinator in the European Union funded project on the implementation of a Fisheries Management Plan for Lake Victoria (IFMP). Previously he was the Task Coordinator of the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project-1 component on the Fish and biodiversity studies of the Lake Victoria basin. He has worked extensively on the biodiversity issues including fish taxonomy in the Lake Victoria basin and at the New England Aquariam, Boston University, Museum of Comparative Zoology-Harvard, The Shedd Aquarium Illinois and Columbus Zoo in the US. Previously, he served in the regional Stock Assessment Working Group of Lake Victoria and Trawl, Frame and Catch Assessment Survey National Working Groups. He has coordinated and managed large consultancies and donor-funded projects on environment.
• Member of the Hydrobiology Society of Eastern Africa (HYSEA), Nairobi, Kenya.
• Member of the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association WIOMSA.
• Member of the East African Water Association (EAWA)
• Ph.D (Environmental Science),
• MSc. (Zooloy)
• BSc. (Zoology, chemistry, Botany).
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• Njiru Murithi, Sitoki Lewis, Nyamweya Chrisphine, Jembe Tsuma, Aura Christopher, Waithaka Edna, Masese Frank (2012). Habitat degradation: Could it be the key to Lake Victoria fisheries changes? Vol 27, pg 1-27, In: Daniels J. A. (Ed) Advances in Environmental Research, NOVA Science Publishers, Inc New York. ISBN: 978-1-62257-425-4.
• The World Water day event was organized by KMFRI/LVBC/UNEP in Kisumu and Dunga on 21st March 2010. Lectures were conducted for international journalists at KMFRI conference hall.
• A press briefing was carried out for the World Water day at Dunga beach and Kiboko Bay Resort to highlight water quality research by KMFRI and other activities on Lake Victoria. The highlights later appeared in the Standard Newspapers.
• The Nation and Standard newspapers highlighted the launching of the new vessel RV Uvumbuzi by showcasing several articles on and about the vessel’s use and features. These features appeared in newspapers from 3rd to 5th May, 2010.
• A news supplement featuring the Minister’s, Permanent Secretary’s and the Directors speeches / messeges was featured in the Standard newspaper of 4th May, 2010.
• Nation Buisness Daily (various articles) in 2011-2015.
• Standard Newspaper (various articles) in 2011-2016.

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