Judith Okello


• Proposal development

• Collecting data including both field-based and laboratory analysis

• Writing reports and manuscripts for publication in journals

• Supervising junior staff and students on internship or attachment

• Any other relevant activity as may be assigned by the management
• OISCA International

• Forest Society of Kenya

• Western Indian Ocean Marine Scientist Association (WIOMSA)
• PhD in Bioengineering sciences from Vrije Universiteit Brussels, and Université Libre de Bruxelles

• Master in Ecological Marine Management with Great Distinction, from Vrije Universiteit Brussels and University of Antwerp

• Bachelor of Science Forestry (Second class Upper division)- Moi University, Chepkoilel Campus
• My main research activities revolve around eco-physiological response of ecosystems to disturbance and stress focussing on physiological, morphological and anatomical aspects of flora and fauna but also with a keen interest on ecological restoration.

Participation in research groups and projects

• Currently working with Coast Development Authority under the Integrated Shoreline and Mangrove Ecosystem Management (ISMEM) component of the Kenya Climate Change Adaptation Project (KCCAP)

• I am one of the key implementers of the recently funded Trans-Coast project which will look at Transboundary coastal processes and human resource utilisation patterns as a basis for Kenya-Tanzania conservation area initiative boundary

• I am a member of the support expert group preparing the State of the Coast report for

• So far supervised one master student from the University of Ghent, Belgium to a successful completion and currently working with one student from VUB on spatial analysis of erosion potential of transboundary River Umba

• I have obtained grants from various institutions to support my research work including: Fonds David et Alice Van Buuren; Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad (VLIR); and MARG II and III from WIOMSA
• Okello, J.A., 2016. The role of disturbance in mangrove wood formation and forest structure: effect of increased sedimentation PhD Thesis. Vrije Universisteit Brussels and Université Libre de Bruxelles

• De Deurwaerder, H., Okello, J.A., Koedam N., Schmitz, N., Steppe, K. , 2016. How are anatomical and hydraulic features of the mangroves Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronata influenced by siltation? Trees DOI 10.1007/s00468-016-1357-x

• Okello, J.A., Robert, E.M.R., Beeckman, H., Kairo, J.G., Dahdouh-Guebas, F., Nico, K., 2014 Effects of experimental sedimentation on the phenological dynamics and leaf traits of replanted mangroves at Gazi bay, Kenya. Ecology and Evolution 4(16): 3187-3200, doi:10.002/ece3.1154.
• Okello J.A, Schmitz N., Kairo J.G., Beeckman H., Dahdouh-Guebas F., Koedam N., 2013. Self-sustenance potential of peri-urban mangroves: a case of Mtwapa Creek Kenya. Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources 2(8) 277-289.

• Cohen R., Jelagat J., Okello J.A., Bosire J.O., Kairo J.G., Huxham M., Mencuccini M., 2013. Propagating unceratinity to estimate above-ground biomass for Kenyan mangroves: a scaling procedure from tree to landscape level. Under review, Forest Ecology and Management 310: 968-982.

• Okello J.A., J.G. Kairo and E. O. Okuku, 2012. Challenging poverty in a healthy environment: a case study of the local communities living along Mtwapa creek, Kenya. In: Yukio K. and Khudori D. (eds) Towards A Sustainable Ecology: Global challenges and local responses in Africa and Asia, 21-28pp

• Elisabeth M. R., N. Schmitz, J. A. Okello, I. Boeren, H. Beeckman, N. Koedam, 2011. Mangrove growth rings. Fact or fiction? Trees 25:49-58 Lang’at J.K, F. Tamooh, J.A. Okello & J.G. Kairo, 2009.Mangrove plantation experiments for controlling coastal erosion in Kenya; Coastal Ecology Series 9:1-7

• Okello J.A., 2008. Wood formation in six Kenyan mangrove tree species: Relationship with the environment and dendrochronological potential. Masters Thesis. Vrije Universisteit Brussels and University of Antwerp.
• Member of the Expert working group in the development of the National Mangrove Management Plan for Kenya

• Thematic leader restoration of degraded mangrove areas along the Kenyan coast under Component 2 of the Kenya Coastal Development Project

• Coordination of the CDTF mangrove awareness project in Kilifi county and the RECOMAP funded mariculture project at KWETU training centre between the years 2008 and 2010

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Judith Okello
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