Elisha Mrabu


• Mangrove entomology studies
• Mangrove fauna ecology
• Mangrove wood anatomy
• Seaweed mariculture
• Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö).
• Western Indian Ocean Marie science Association,
• Seaweed Development Steering Committee ( Kwale County)
• PhD. Doctor of philosophy in biology. Vrije Universiteit Brussels (on going)
• Msc. Ecological marine management. Vrije Universiteit Brussels (2007-2009). Belgium.
• Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. University of Eastern Africa Baraton, Eldoret, Kenya. 2003
Mangrove macrobenthos studies along the Kenyan coastline and Mozambique, Mangrove wood anatomy and physiology studies in Brussels. Natural and non natural disturbances in Mangrove and Development and commercialisation of Seaweed Mariculture in South coast of Kenya
• Jenoh EM, Robert EMR, Lehmann I, Kioko E, Bosire JO, Ngisiange N, Dahdouh-Guebas F, & Nico Koedam (2016) Wide ranging insect infestation of the pioneer mangrove Sonneratia alba by two insect species along the Kenyan Coast. PLoSONE 11(5): e0154849. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0154849
• Flower E. M., Amelia B., Omar I., Benjamin P., Koushul N., Joseph J.M. R., Mrabu E., Joseph G. W., 2013. Cultivation and utilisation of red seaweeds in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) Region". Journal of Applied Phycology. (2013).
• Cannicci S., Bartolini F., Dahdouh-Guebas F., Fratini S., Litulo C ., Macia A., Mrabu E. Lopes G P., Paula J., 2009. Effects of urban wastewater on crab and mollusc assemblages in equatorial and subtropical mangroves of East Africa Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 1–13
• Vannini M., Cannicci S., Mrabu E., Rorandelli R and Fratini S. 2008. Random walk, zonation and the food searching strategy of Terebralia palustris (Mollusca, Potamididae) in Kenya. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 153:1047–1053
• Vannini M., Mrabu E., Fratini S., Rorandelli R., 2007.Rythmic vertical migration of the gastropod Cerithidea decollata in a Kenyan mangrove forest (L.), a field experimental approach (Mollusca, Potamidedae) Mar Biol (2007) 153:1047–1053
• Vannini M., Fratini S., Rorandelli R., Lähteenoja O, Mrabu E. 2006. Tree-climbing behavior of Cerithidea decollata (L.), a Western Indian Ocean mangrove gastropod (Mollusca, Cerithidae). J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K. (2006), 86, 1429-1436.
• Mrabu E., Cannicci S., Dahdouh-Guebas F., Bosire J. 2009. The impact of indirect effects of climate change on mangrove associated biodiversity. Vrije Universiteit Brussels. Masters thesis.
• Coastal Network on Environmental Changes (CREC). Funded research MARIE CURIE ACTION(EU grant) Intrnational research staff exchange Scheme. February - March 2014.
• V LIR-UOSk ICP Ph.D scholarships grant. Funded by V LIR-UOS Belgium .
• V LIR-UOS ICP Masters scholarships grant. 2008-2009 Funded by V LIR-UOS Belgium.
• National council for science and technology. Science, technology and innovation grant 2013-2014
• Marine travel grant (MARG III) (15th July – 17th August 2010). Funded by Wiomsa.

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