Fredrick Guya


• Undertakes trophic studies and sources of nutrient loadings to our aquatic ecosystems.
• Performs studies on the impact of cultural eutrophication to aquatic biota.
• Researches on climate change and how the associated shifts affect the aquatic biota.
Member of the following professional bodies:-
• 2015 – Date: British Ecological Society (BES).
• 2009 – Date: Eastern Africa Water Association (EAWA).
• 1998 – National University of Singapore – IEIA – Certificate
• 1993 – 1995 – University of Victoria, Canada – Marine Geochemistry – M.Sc.
• 1988 – 1991 – University of Nairobi, Kenya – Geology & Maths – B.Sc.
• Grants obtained
2013 – 2016: International Foundation for Sciences (IFS).
Project: The extrinsic sources of phosphorus pollution into River Nyando.

2008 – 2010: Nile Basin Initiative (NBI).
Project: Assessed “Levels of micro-contaminants of environmental and public health concern within Lake Victoria basin.”

2005 – 2007: International Foundation for Sciences (IFS).
Project: Researched on the “Bio-available fractions of particle associated nutrients as affected by the internal regeneration processes within Nyanza Gulf region of Lake Victoria.”
1) Guya, F. J., 2013. Bioavailability of particle-associated nutrients as affected by internal regeneration processes in the Nyanza Gulf region of Lake Victoria. Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management, 18, p. 129 – 143.
2) Guya, F. J., 2005. The potential of fish culture in satellite lakes and dams south of Lake Victoria. Samaki News, 4, p. 39 – 42.
3) Omondi, R., F. J. Guya, M. Owili, L. Sitoki, H. Ouma & J. Gichuki, 2005. Limnological status of the small water bodies in Lake Victoria basin, Kenya. 2nd National Scientific Conference, Lake Victoria Environmental Management Program (LVEMP); 17th – 19th Oct.

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Fredrick Guya
Nutrient dynamics


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