James Mugo


• Coordination of research activities at KMFRI Naivasha
• Proposal writing for funding
• Publication of research findings
• Participation in seminars, workshops and conferences
• Supervision of students on attachments
Master of Environmental Science
Bachelor of Science
• Station Coordinator, KMFRI Naivasha: Involved with the implementation of increased fish productivity measures through delineation and demarcation of fishing and breeding areas on Lake Naivasha.
• Facilitated attachment and supervision of degree and diploma students at KMFRI station Naivasha
• Lake Naivasha Research Project (LNRP) project coordinator
• Collaboration with other stakeholders in development of integrated Lake Naivasha Management Plan.
• Collaboration with other stakeholders in development of Imarisha Development Action Plan
• Research Officer, KMFRI Naivasha, involved with research towards sustainable management of Lake Naivasha Fisheries through various measures including annual closed fishing seasons
• Research Officer, KMFRI Kisumu, Involved with coordination of KBJP and LVFRP Phase II Riverine Research Projects
James Njiru, George Morara, Edna Waithaka, James Mugo (2015). Fish Kills in lake Naivasha, Kenya: What was the probable cause? International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic studies 3 (1): 179 -184.
Edna Waithaka, James Mugo, Beatrice Obegi and James Last (2015). Socio – economics of re-introduced Oreochromis niloticus in Lake Naivasha (Kenya). International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic studies 2 (3): 108 -113.
J. Mugo (2010) Seasonal changes in physico-chemical status and algal biomass of Lake Naivasha, Kenya, M env. Sc Thesis, Kenyatta University.
Ojuok, J.E., Njiru, M., Mugo, J., Morara, G. Wakwabi, E., and Ngugi, C (2007). Increase dominance of common carp, Cyprinus carpio L: the boon or the bane of Lake Naivasha fisheries. Afr. J. Ecol. 46:445 – 448.
N. Willoughby, R. Kapiyo, J. Mugo & D. Owiti (2003).The Implications of the River Sondu Miriu hydropower project (Kenya) for fisheries and fishing communities. The land 7.1: 3-20
J. Gichuki, F. Dahduh Guebas, J. Mugo, C.O Rabuor, L. Triest & F. Dehairs (2001).Species Inventory and the local uses of the plants and fishes of the lower Sondu Miriu wetlands of Lake Victoria, Kenya. International journal of hydrobiologia 458: 99 – 106
J. Mugo and D. Tweddle (1999). Preliminary surveys of the fish and fisheries of the Nzoia,
Nyando and Sondu Miriu rivers, Kenya. Lake Victoria Fisheries Research Project phase II LVFRP/TECH/99/06

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