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• Study of environmental characteristics, finding out various sources and fate of plant nutrients and how they control primary production. This effort is geared towards understanding trophic dynamics, which will provide a basis for the development of suitable ecological models for Lake Victoria ecosystem.
• The mission of this work is to ultimately lead to the integration of the lake’s productivity processes into fisheries management through very sound scientific knowledge base.
• Currently working on cyanobacteria in Lake Victoria and how it can impact the local communities who are using the water for drinking.
• MSc in Limnology at Kisii university(undergoing project work)
• Bsc (2nd class honours) in fisheries and aquatic sciences
• Diploma in applied biology from Gusii Institute)
• Participation in aquaculture research projects for example IUCEA – VICRES Regional research project on Improving Farm Yields and Income through Integrated Agriculture – Aquaculture in the Lake Victoria Basin, East Africa. November 2004 to date
• Supervision of university students on attachment
• .Participated in applied Research Programme for Lake Victoria Management project ((LVEMP Phase 2) Pollution Monitoring In Fishing grounds, From 2010 to date.
• Participated in assessment of Phytoplankton of Lake Kenyatta Waters, 2014 to date.
• Participated in assessment of Phytoplankton of Lake Jipe Waters, 2014 to date.
• Participated in Local solutions to health risks faced in HIV-endemic villages from cyanobacterial bloom-contaminated waters at Lake Victoria
• Abstract & paper writing: Prepared and forwarded an abstract for an International Conference in Chepkoilel (University of Eldoret), September 2016. Title of the Abstract: Gas Chromatography-Electron Capture Detector Determination of Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Water and Sediments of the Nyanza Gulf, Lake Victoria, Kenya

• Authors: *Nyaundi J.K.1, Kengara F.2, Getabu A. M.2 and Onchieku J.2, Njiru J.M.3, Babu J.M.4, Hilda N.4. This abstract now accepted for Conference (UoE), September 7th- 9th, 2016

• Abstract & paper writing in collaboration with colleagues: Phytoplankton diversity, abundance and its relationships to the Physico-chemical Parameters in Lake Jipe, Kenya.
• Authors: Babu J.M1*, Getabu A.M.2, Njiru J.M.2, Nyaundi J.K.1, Okuku E.3, Charles M3., Sitoki L.M.4

• Abstract & paper writing: Concentrations and human health risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides in water and fish in the Upper River Kuja Catchment, South-Western Kenya.
• Authors: *Nyaundi J.K.1, Njiru J.M.1, Kengara F.2, Getabu A.M.2, Onchieku J.2, Babu J.M.1, Nyangeri J.B.3 Kinaro Z.O.3, and Hilda N.1

• Babu J.M., Sitoki L.M., Ogendi G.M., Getabu A.M., Ojwang W.O., Boera P.N., Akunga G.N., Nyaundi J.K., & Njiru J.M. (2015) Drivers of point source pollution on water quality, phytoplankton diversity & abundance around Kisumu Bay, Lake Victoria, Kenya. Paper presented at the 1st Annual Interdisciplinary International Scientific Conference at Kisii University, on AFRICA and THE NEW WORLD ORDER, held between 30th July- 2nd August 2014. This paper now published in Scientific Journal.

• Babu,J.M, Sitoki L.M, Ogendi,G.M, Getabu A.M, Boera,P.N, Akunga G.N, Nyaundi J.K, Njiru J.M, Mwayuli G.A, Olilo C (2015). Effects of point pollution on Water quality ,phytoplankton Diversity And Abundance in Lake Victoria ,Kenya .International Journal of Fisheries And Aquatic studies 2(5):57-64

• Babu J.M, Getabu A.M, Nyaundi K, jembe D, Boera P, Sitoki L, Mwayuli G.A, Omondi R.O, Olilo C.O-Phytoplankton distribution and abundance in small water bodies of the Lake Victoria Basin of Kenya .International Journal of applied Science and Technology, 2(6): 166-169

• Ogendi G.M, Getabu A.M, Onchieku J.M, Babu J.M (2015). An assessment of some physical, chemical and Biological characteristics of Nyanchwa- Riana River flowing through Kisii town in south West Kenya. International Journal of applied Science and Technology 5(2): 68-79

• Ogendi G.M, Getabu A.M, Onchieku J.M, Babu J.M (2015). An assessment of Microbial load of Nyanchwa – Riana Rivers,Kisii,Kenya.. 2(6): 182-192.

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