John Malala


• Initiation, planning, implementation and coordination of research projects and programmes in Lake Turkana and the catchment area
• Lake Turkana Fisheries Management Plan Committee (Member)
• Lake Turkana Fish Value Chain Platform (Chairman)
• West Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (Member)
• Natural Resources Management Committee – Turkana County (Member)
• MSc - Free University of Brussels (VUB)
• BSc - University of Nairobi
• Undertakes research aimed at sustainable management of the aquatic resources of Lake Turkana.
• Up-scaling the transfer of appropriate technology and offering extension services to fishers at various BMUs on reduction of fish post harvest losses (solar driers).
• Provision of technical support to various stakeholders (State and Non-State Actors) in fisheries and aquatic resources management.
• Supervision of diploma, undergraduate and Post graduate students on industrial training/attachment and internship.
• Participation in collaborative research with Syracuse University, Stony Brook University (USA), and the Institute of Hydrobiology and Parasitology (Czech Republic).
• Gownaris, N.J., E. Pikitch, J.Y. Aller, L. Kaufman, J. Kolding, K.M.M Lwiza, K.O. Obiero, W.O. Ojwang, J.O. Malala, K.J. Rountos. (in Print). Fisheries and Water Level Fluctuations in the World’s Largest Desert Lake. Ecohydrology [Available online at:
• Long’ora, A. E., Abuom, P. O., Owiti, D. O. and Malala J. O. 2015. Influence of Artisanal fishing Gears on Physico-Chemical Parameters of Ferguson’s Gulf in Lake Turkana, Kenya. Sch. Acad. J. Biosci. 3(12):1005-1013.
• Muška, M., M. Vašek, D. Modrý, M. Jirk?, W. O. Ojwang, J. O. Malala and J. Kube?ka, 2012. The last snapshot of natural pelagic fish assemblage in Lake Turkana, Kenya: A hydroacoustic study. J. Great Lakes Research. 38: 98- 106.
• Johnson, T. C. and J. O. Malala, 2009. Lake Turkana and its Link to the Nile. In H.J. Dumont (ed.), The Nile. Origins, Environments, Limnology and Human Use. Monographiae Biologicae 89:.Springer, Dordrecht Publishers. pp. 207-304.
• Rabuor, C. O., J. Moreau and J. O., Malala 1998. Growth, mortality and recruitment of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus (L.) (Cichlidae) in Lake Turkana (Kenya): Possible variations as assessed by length frequency analysis. Afr. J. Trop. Hydrobiol. Fish. 8: 26-34.
• Lake Naivasha Research Project 2001-2003 (Project Coordinator)

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