Noah Ngisiange


• Operational oceanography and modelling

• Application of bio inspired computing for natural resource management

• Application of sensor networks for marine ecosystem management

• Mapping of critical habitats and biodiversity

• Information systems analyst

• Geodatabases management expert

• UNESCO/IODE OceanTeacher Global Academy Trainer
GIS, Artificial intelligence, Agents, Informatics, systems, oceanography, sensors, mapping, geodatabase
MSc Computing (JKUAT). - 2014-Present
• Technical lead for Coastal biodiversity information management system

• Supervision of research students including BSc students on Internships

• Management of research information systems including STATBASE, KMFRI ArcGIS server, OBIS

• Modelling and simulations of ecological systems

• Grants obtained BYCAM by MASMA , KCDP Masters Scholarship grantee.

A list of your most recent and/or your most significant journal publications, achievements or books you have published (5-10).

• A spatial data infrastructure (sdi) for integrated coastal zone management
• A spatial data infrastructure (sdi) for integrated coastal zone management Noah N *, Okuku E, Onganda 2016, VLIZ – InnovOcean 2016 • Wide Ranging Insect Infestation of the Pioneer Mangrove Sonneratia alba by Two Insect Species along the Kenyan Coast Elisha Mrabu Jenoh*, Elisabeth M. R. Robert, Ingo Lehmann , Esther Kioko , Jared O. Bosire , Noah Ngisiange , Farid Dahdouh-Gueba, Nico Koedam
Non-research specific accomplishments or achievements. It may include:
• KCDP masters scholarships beneficiary
• UNESCO/ IODE academy beneficiary
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Noah Ngisiange
Oceanography and Hydrography
Information Systems


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