Reuben Omwega


• Scarcity of fish and ever rising demand of fish
• Cheaper fish importation from china
• Fish marketing in Lake Victoria
• Resource use of conflicts.
Socio economics aspect of Lake Victoria
• B.A economic 2nd class Horner from kurukshetra university India
• Diploma in Marketing Management from Central institute of Management (India) 1st Division (1989 – 1990).
• Diploma in Computer programming from D.A.V. College on EDP concepts and basic, Cobol, Word-processing, Dbase III, lotus and Fortran (1990 – 1991) Grade B+.
• Certificate of attendance LVFRP Regional training on participatory Research, (PRA) and fishing communities, 1st – 18th March 2000.
• Crean, K, Geheb K, Odongkara, O.K, Abila, R., lwenya C., Medard, M., Omwega R., Omwenga F, Onyango P., Mlahagwa E., Yongo E., Atai A., Nyapendi A., 2001.Marketing Study, LVFRP/TECH/99/02.
• Omwega R., Omwenga F, Onyango P., Mlahagwa E., Yongo E, Atai A., Nyapendi A., 1999. Overview and Bibliography of The Literature of Socio-Economic Relevance to the Fisheries of Lake Victoria. LVFRP/TECH/99/03.

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