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Veronica Ombwa

Veronica Ombwa

Ms. Veronica Obiero Ombwa is an Assistant Research Scientists in KMFRI, has been overseer of all aquaculture activities within KMFRI Kisumu Centre in collaboration with Fresh Water Systems scientists in Kisumu Centre, coordinator of youth Internship/ Industrial attachment students in Kisumu Centre and a member of budget committee for Kisumu Centre. Administrative functions in the aquaculture department in Kisumu Centre is to ensure research activities, knowledge transfer to youth internship and students on attachment or those on visitation from various Institutions are aligned to the Institute’s strategic plan, vision, and mandate. She has achieved a master’s degree in aquatic science from Maseno University.

 Has been working in the domain of aquaculture’s best management practices, feed technology, Environment, Assessment of the ecological status of cage-culture in relation to wild fisheries in Lake Victoria, the socio-ecological studies of selected Small Water Bodies (SWBs, dams and reservoirs) in order to establish their carrying capacity for fisheries production. Value chain assessment of Small Fish Foods (SIS) including the biomass flow along Lake Victoria, Socio-ecological monitoring of cage fish farming status in Lake Victoria, community outreach activities, and dissemination of research findings to the stakeholders. Research interest also covers upscaling new fish farming technologies to youth and women entrepreneurial enterprises.  Acquired a series of innovative achievements through promotion of Environmentally, Economically and Socially sustainable cage Aquaculture (PSCA) in Lake Victoria, Kenya, participated and gained knowledge in Eco-Network Africa activities, Inter Region Economic Network (IREN), WIFIP Education and Development, and Small Medium Agribusiness Enterprise Development Services Ltd. Carried out more than 15 national projects including promotion of Environmentally, Economically and Socially sustainable cage Aquaculture in Lake Victoria, Kenya. Participated in more than 8 fact sheet development and dissemination of research findings to fisheries stakeholders. Participated in the development of 3 book chapters ( i)The best management practices for cage fish farming in Lake Victoria, Kenya,  ii) State of cage culture in Lake Victoria, Kenya, 2018, iii) Status of Aquaculture in Kenya, 2017-18), (iv) State of aquaculture in Kenya, 2018-19, (v)State of Aquaculture in Kenya 2020-21, (vi) State of cage fish culture in Lake Victoria, Kenya 2020-21, (vii) Coastal Aquaculture Competency Based Curriculum Development, 2021,  (viii) Carrying capacity of Small Water Bodies in Kenya, 2020-21.

Trained on procurement manual, fundamentals of R-statistical package, M & E and Data collection Methodologies, Road Safety, Training/capacity building for KMFRI Staff members by team from the Ombudsman’s office, Aquatic Animal Health Part 4: Prophylactic Management Strategies, Practical Understanding of Aquafeed Formulation, Seaweed Revolution for Africa KMFRI Awareness Training on Diabetes (Blood Sugar), KMFRI awareness training on hiv/aids and hypertension, Sensitization for HIV/AIDs and cancer.  

Currently involved in the following activities in order to assess their culture potential and inducting the aquaculture value chain actors with commercialization concept through technology in line with the Blue Economy and the SDGs;

  1. Monitoring cage culture in Lake Victoria and determining the effects of various commercial and locally formulated diets on fish growth performance in Asat/Bao, Rasira and Nyandiwa beaches.
  2. Monitoring fish cages in Busia, Siaya, Kisumu, Homa-Bay and Migori Counties along Lake Victoria Belt (Documentation of existing cage culture sites; species, stocking densities, feeding regimes and feeds; Monitor water quality in and around cages; Macro-invertebrate sampling to determine the effect of cages on them; Data gathering on the performance of commercial feeds and cottage feeds on tilapia cage culture; Document disease incidences, causes and remedies; Document economic viability and productivity of cages, and intervening variables with an aim of developing a working manual).
  3. Continuous assessment on the possible causes of fish kills in natural environment and in cages along Lake Victoria, Kenya in collaboration with KMFRI’s fish pathologists and KeFS Quality Control and Assessment officer.
  4. Youth internship/industrial attachment and apprenticeship programmes as the coordinator in KMFRI Kisumu Centre.
KMFRI Kisumu
Fish Feed Technology and Best Management Practices for Fish Farming.
Dissemination of fish farming knowledge and formulation of quality fish feeds using readily available ingredients to Kenyans

MSc in Aquatic Sciences in Maseno University, Kenya

BSc Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences-Moi University, Kenya


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