Amina Hamza

Amina Hamza

Marine ecologist with a background in Natural Resource Management. Research interest is on marine resource sustainability assessment including designing and development of sustainable resource harvest strategies and management of the marine resources. She has neen involved in many mangrove research activities at the Kenyan Coast, most notably development of the National Mangrove Management Plan. She has also been involved in developing Project Idea Note (PIN) and Project Design Document (PDD) for Carbon offset projects for Gazi and Vanga mangrove ecosystem.

KMFRI Shimoni Centre
Oceanography and Hydrography
Mangrove ecology, Community development, Participatory forest management
Design and development of sustainable resource harvest strategies and management of the marine resources (with particular interest on Mangrove ecosystem)

MSc. Student (Marine and Lacustrine Science & Management); Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Brussels, Belgium

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Kairo, J. G., Okello, J. A., Hamza, A. J., Mrabu, E., Githaiga, M. N. (2014). Local community guide to mangrove forests rehabilitation in Kenya. KCDP Project. KMFRI, Mombasa. 

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Hamza A. J, and JG Kairo 2011. Enhancing sustainable management of mangrove resources in Kenya through participatory approach. Final Technical Report. (KEN/SGP/OP4/RAF/08/03), Nairobi Kenya.

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