Agwata Ototo

Agwata Ototo

I have participated in Aquaculture implementation programs in LVEMP Aquaculture sub component for fresh water fish. In this program I was among the officers who started the A in A which was very successful under my chairmanship. We supplied fish fingerlings to many places in Nyanza and Lift Valley for the first time we started fish farmers in Kabianga area was very interesting and successful. As an Aquaculture team we have mapped the locally available fish feed ingredients in the coastal region and used them to formulate high quality fish feeds. Some of these feeds have been tried by farmers and we have tried them both on-farm and at KMFRI laboratories. Further on community empowerment we implemented a Project funded by NARCOSTI on value addition on seaweeds in Kilifi county. Currently I am undertaking a research on the development of fish feeds from locally available fish feed ingredients but for the first time I am investigating the effect of Vitamin E on the Growth and survival. My future interests lie majorly in the domestication of high value marine species for both the local and export market. The identified fish are Silver pompano, Milk fish and Crabs.

KMFRI, Mombasa
Aquaculture technology innovation and extension
Development of high quality fish feeds for both Marine and fresh water fisheries

MSc. Pwani University: The effect of Vitamin E on the Growth and Survival of Orechromis niloticus. 
BSc. Busoga University: Fish feeds and fish feed management. 
HND. Technical University of Kenya: Food Quality. 
Ordinary Diploma. Technical University of Mombasa: Food technology.

Esther Wairimu Magondu, Maroko Mokaya, Agwata Ototo, Kobingi Nyakea, Jane Nyamora; (2016). Growth performance of milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskal) fed on formulated and non-formulated diets made from locally available ingredients in South Coast region, Kenya. International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies; 4(1): 288-293.

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