Athman Salim Hussein

Athman Salim Hussein

Athman Salim Hussein joined KMFRI on July 7, 2017, as an assistant researcher in the Oceanography and Hydrography department. He is a holder of Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. He previously worked as an Assistant Engineer at Springtech (k)
LTD, and at Mtwapa Energy Centre Department as a Technical Officer.

He has been working in the field of physical oceanography for five months now. His research interest covers ocean dynamics and mining of marine big data. He has acquired a series of innovative achievements with intellectual skills in the field of physical oceanography. He participated in the South Africa Agulhas IIOE2 cruise training that enabled him to acquire skills of deep sea water sampling using CTD and ADCP tools/equipment, pre-process the data and analyze the data.

KMFRI Mombasa
Oceanography and Hydrography
Physical Oceanography
Ocean dynamics (Both observational and theoretical)

Bachelor of Science in physics