Collins Ongore

Collins Ongore
KMFRI Kisumu
Freshwater systems
Environmental monitoring of Lake Victoria in areas of fisheries, water quality assessment and monitoring, nutrient dynamics, organic and heavy metal macrocontaminants and general aquatic environmental ecotoxicology • Coordinating Satellite/ GIS based water hyacinth surveillance and Monitoring in Lake Victoria, Kenya

M.Sc (Environmental Studies (Health) and 
Registered by NEMA as an Environmental Impact Assessment/ Environmental Audit (EIA/EA) 
Lead Expert, Certificate Number 3073, Registered member of Environmental Institute of Kenya (EIK)

Rodrick Kundu, Christopher Mulanda Aura, Chrisphine Nyamweya, Simon Agembe, Lewis Sitoki, Henry B. O. Lung’ayia, Collins Ongore, Zachary Ogari, Kenneth Werimo (2016) Integrated approach in assessing pollutionn of Lake Victoria fishing grounds Kenya: What we need to know (Submitted to Lakes and Reservoirs, July 2016) 

Agembe S, Ojwang, W, Olilo, C, Omondi, R, Ongore, C and Aloo, P (2014). Soda Lakes of Rift Valley, Kenya. Encyclopedia of Wetlands: Wetlands of the World (Vol. 4) • Article ID: 331775 • Chapter ID: 150 (In Production) 

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