The Freshwater System (FWS) research directorate has two departments namely freshwater fisheries and limnology

Freshwater Fisheries Research

The Freshwater Fisheries is one of the core research departments for KMFRI. The overall goal of both departments is to provide competent scientific information and data on the sustainable management of freshwater fishery resources through ecosystem approach. The Departments are responsible for inventorying and assessment of fish stocks: their spatial and temporal abundance and distribution, fish ecology and biology, and population dynamics. Post-harvest technology and value addition research is also undertaken by the two departments. Post-harvest technology and value addition covers fish handling and processing and investigating and isolating active substances from aquatic plants and animals for medicinal and nutritional values. It also undertakes studies on fish safety and quality assurance.

This department deals with the structure of inland aquatic ecosystems in relation to biodiversity in general and fisheries in particular. It also assess the interaction of various biological processes, lake morphometry, hydrology, state of heat, stratification, stability and nutrient dynamics. This Department cover all inland water systems by investigating biodiversity in these systems and also use landscape limnology in the conservation of aquatic biodiversity.

The Assistant Director in charge of Limnology department is Dr. Tsuma Jembe. Other researchers in the department include the following;

  • Mr. Job Mwamburi
  • Mr. Jones Muli
  • Mr. Fredrick Guya
  • Mr. Peter Wawiye
  • Mr Collins Ongore
  • Mr. Oscar Donde
  • Mr Jared Babu
  • Nyakwama Robert Ondiba
  • Mr Kobingi Nyakeya
  • Mr. Joseph Nyaundi
  • Mr. George Morara Basweti