The Marine and Coastal Systems (OCS) research directorate has two departments namely marine and coastal fisheries, and oceanography and hydrography.

Marine and Coastal Fisheries 

The Marine and Coastal Fisheries is one of the core research departments for KMFRI. The overall goal of both departments is to provide competent scientific information and data on the sustainable management of marine  and coastal fishery resources through ecosystem approach. The Department is responsible for inventorying and assessment of fish stocks: their spatial and temporal abundance and distribution, fish ecology and biology, and population dynamics. Post-harvest technology and value addition research is also undertaken by the two departments. Post-harvest technology and value addition covers fish handling and processing and investigating and isolating active substances from aquatic plants and animals for medicinal and nutritional values. It also undertakes studies on fish safety and quality assurance.

Fisheries resources are an important source of food in Kenya and fish forms part of the daily diet for our people. Fisheries exploited include the marine or coastal. Thus it is important to manage these resources for sustainable use and develop new ones where appropriate.


 Oceanography and Hydrography

This Department deals with physical, chemical, biological and geological oceanography of the offshore, inshore and near shore waters. Sea level monitoring is carried out to generate data to forecast tidal variations along the Kenyan coast and to detect extreme oceanic events such as storm surges, cyclones and tsunamis. This Department is also responsible for: research on sustainable use and protection of aquatic resources in marine waters, critical habitats such as mangroves, seagrass beds and corals, monitoring and documenting the physical (including geological) and chemical characteristics (water quality, pollution and nutrient dynamics) of the various aquatic ecosystems to discern natural and/or human induced changes. In addition, the Department undertakes studies on the interrelationships between biota and their aquatic environments in relation to fisheries, aquaculture and conservation of biodiversity. The department promotes integrated coastal Zone Management (ICZM) approach in the management of coastal and marine resources.

The Assistant Director in charge of Oceanography and Hydrography department is

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