There a number departments that provide technical support services namely Finance and Administration Support Services, laboratory, maritime and information communication Technology departments.

Finance and Administration Support Services
These services comprise Finance, Human Resource and Administration. The Finance Department is responsible for management, budgeting and accounting of the Institute’s financial resources and assets. The Human Resource and Administration Department is responsible for the management of KMFRI employees and assets. Its functions include attraction, selection, placements and deployments, training and development, performance management, rewarding and sanctioning of employees, as well as provision of an enabling work Environment (Safety, Health and Welfare), maintenance of plant and equipment, and contract management. This Department also oversees organizational leadership and culture and ensures compliance with terms and conditions of employment.

The laboratories Support Services
The laboratories are well established in Mombasa and Kisumu and operate under ISO Standards, and harmonized Regional Standard Operating Procedures respectively. One laboratory in Mombasa is recognized at the level of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Maritime operations
Maritime operations involve licensed offshore vessels (RV Mtafiti, RV Utafiti and RV Uvumbuzi) as well as a number of functional inshore research vessels.

Other Support Services
These services comprise Supply Chain Management, Corporate Affairs, Planning and Audit. The Supply Chain Management Department is the procuring unit and responsible for procurement of goods and services, maintenance of asset register and inventory, stores management and disposal of obsolete assets. Corporate Affairs Department oversees corporate image, public relations, communications and branding. Planning Department is responsible for KMFRI’s short and long term development planning including strategic and annual planning, and performance contracting.  Audit Department undertakes risk assessment, finacial and operational reviews of the planned activities to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and compliance.