The Aquatic Resources and
Blue Economy Conference (ARBEC), will be held in Kisumu, 
Kenya, in November 2022 

Important conference dates

15th August, 2022 - Abstract submission

28th Nov - 1st Dec 2022 - Conference date

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Kenya Aquatica

KCSAP Project


Name of equipments: Leica DM500 Compound Microscope and Leica S9E Dissecting Microscope

Applications: Viewing organisms/samples at low and high magnifications


Name of equipment: Shimadzu AUW320 Analytical Balance

Applications: Measuring small mass of chemicals in the sub-milligram range during preparation for reagents for nutrients analysis


 Name of equipment: Shimadzu UV Spectrophotometer (UV-1800)

Applications: Quantitative colorimetric analysis such as dissolved nutrients, chlorophyll among others


Name of equipment: Chest Freezer ULT C400

Applications: Long and short-term storage of sensitive samples in the laboratory

Name of equipment: SIMAG Automatic Ice Machine

Applications: Production of ice cubes for preservation/chilling of samples in the field


Name of equipments: Memmert Oven UN75plus and Memmert Incubator INI60

Applications: Heating, drying or sterilization of samples or laboratory glassware and Incubating living cultures in microbiology

Name of equipment: Hettich Centrifuge Universal 320

Applications: Separation of different components of liquid samples


Name of equipment: Wildco Water Bottle Sampler

Applications:  Collection of water samples from different depths of Lake Turkana


Name of equipment: Assorted top load balances

Applications: Measuring of fish weights


Name of equipment: YSI Professional Plus Handheld Multiparameter Meter

Applications: Measurement of a variety physico-chemical parameters in water