The full potential of small and medium pelagic fisheries along the Kenya coast is not yet known. As such pelagic resources are believed to be under-exploited due to lack of capacity by the artisanal fishers. Ring nets and reef seines, are surrounding gears similar to purse seines but manually operated. So far these are the most suitable gears for catching pelagic fishes. Introduced in the early 1990s in Vanga, South coast Kenya, their use and numbers have increased, currently at 31 and 89 ring nets and reef seines respectively with a crew ranging between 8 and 40 per vessel. Target species belong to the families Scombridae (trevallies), Sphyraenidae (barracudas) and Hemiramphidae (halfbeaks), although demersal and reef associated species are also landed. This fact sheet gives the current status of the pelagic fisheries resources using shore-based catch assessments......[Read more]