Spiny lobster fishery extends along the entire coastline from Vanga in the south to Kiunga on the border with Somalia (see the Map). Lamu archipelago presents the best fishing grounds and a vast majority of the fishers are concentrated in the fishing grounds of Lamu on a small scale commercial scale. Lobster fishery is targeted by local tourist hotels and export market. Commercial species commonly exploited in the Kenyan marine waters include: (i). Panulirus ornatus (Ornate spiny lobster)- Kamba Mwani/Shuari (ii). Panulirus homarus (Scalloped spiny lobster) -Spiringi (iii). Panulirus longipes (Long-legged spiny lobster) -Mwilo (iv). Panulirus versicolor (Painted spiny lobster)- Kurabu..........[Read more]