The small-scale prawn fishery of the Malindi-Ungwana Bay is an important livelihood mainstay for the people within Tana River and Kilifi Counties. This fishery resource provides food, employment and income besides being important ecological and biodiversity components. Total annual landings from this fishery approximate 363.5 t based on the recent catch assessment survey data of 2013-2014 with Malindi-Ungwana bay contributing up to 40% of the catch. With the current estimated average value for prawns of KES. 350 (US$ 3.4) per kg, this fishery generates up to KES.127 million (US$ 1.234 million) per annum nationally. Currently there are approximately 400 foot fishers operating at the main landing sites within the bay.

Most prawns in the bay are caught primarily using prawn seines made of monofilament or multifilament material, castnets and prawn traps. Main target prawn species caught in the fishery include the Indian white prawn – Penaeus indicus (see Picture 1), the giant tiger prawn - Penaeus monodon (Picture 2), the speckled shrimp- Metapenaeus monoceros, the hairy river prawns - Macrobrachium rude, the green tiger prawn - Penaeus semisulcatus and peregrine shrimp - Metapenaeus stebbingi......[Read more]