KMFRI Publications for FY 2002-2003

  1. Svavarsson, J., M.K.W. Osore, and E. Olafsson, Does the Wood-borer Sphaeroma terebrans (Crustacea) Shape the Distribution of the Mangrove Rhizophora mucronata? Ambio, 2002. 31: p. 574-579.
  2. Onyango, S.D., The breeding cycle of Scylla serrata (Forskål, 1755) at Ramisi River estuary, Kenya. Wetlands Ecology and Management, 2002. 10: p. 257-263.
  3. Aboudha, P.A.W., Beach erosion as an environmental hazard in Kenya: a case study of Shanzu, Bamburi area. Africa geoscience review. Vol. 9. 2002. 351-367.
  4. Soetaert, K., A. Muthumbi, and C. Heip, Size and shape of ocean margin nematodes: morphological diversity and depth-related patterns. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2002. 242: p. 179-193.

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